The Wand

The Wand Anesthesia Delivery System

Patient comfort is a necessity of great dental care, and Drs. Seth and Morgan Chambers make it a top priority here at Bluegrass Dentistry.  After all, we want you to look forward to visiting our team again and again. That’s why we’re happy to offer a state-of-the-art tool known as the Wand. When you’re in need of local anesthetic for restorative or cosmetic treatment, the Wand is ideal for patients who may be afraid or uncomfortable around needles.

How does the Wand work?

Our Wand system looks like a miniature computer tower. The anesthetic is stored in a small tube connected to the top, and the Wand itself looks similar to a ballpoint pen. The retractable needle inside never has to be seen by the patient. Better yet, modern computer technology allows Drs. Seth and Morgan Chambers to ensure that the injection is done as safely as possible. By keeping our patients relaxed, the entire treatment process goes much more smoothly and comfortably.

Additional Benefits of the Wand Include:

  • The Wand provides exceptional, site-specific pain control without having to numb the lips, tongue, or other areas of soft tissue as well.
  • The precise control of the anesthetic flow makes injections even at difficult areas (such as the palate) much simpler.
  • The Wand is lightweight and easier to handle for dentists, resulting in more confidence for both our team and the patient.
  • Studies have found that use of the Wand induces less anxiety in patients than a traditional syringe.