Teeth Whitening

Over time teeth naturally yellow and darken. This can result in an unhealthy appearance which can make many people uncomfortable or ashamed of their smile. If your teeth aren't as bright and white as you'd like them to be, contact Drs. Seth and Morgan Chambers to schedule a teeth whitening consultation. Our office offers two types of whitening: Kor Whitening and custom at home whitening to significantly improve the shade of your smile that fits your personal preference and schedule.


KOR Whitening is a revolutionary product for all whitening cases. Every patient gets a significant result through this process with little to no sensitivity. KOR is the only proven whitening system for patients who suffer from tetracycline staining and other internal staining that were previously thought to be permanent. There are 3 tiers of KOR whitening which will be discussed with you personally by Drs. Seth and Morgan Chambers. Each tier is specific to the patient and determined by the patient's age, current shade of teeth, and type of staining present.