Dentures | Partials

Are you ready to enjoy a more comfortable, more functional tooth-replacing full or partial denture? Drs. Seth and Morgan Chambers are exceptionally skilled in the latest denture technology and are thrilled to offer you the best dentures available in Lexington, KY.

Whether you need a full or a partial denture, our practice can give you the highest functioning dentures possible today. Full dentures replace all the teeth while partials replace only some missing teeth, using the remaining teeth for retention and support. Here at Bluegrass Dentistry, we have extensive post graduate education, and are adept at recommending the best, most advanced dentures based on individual scenarios and requirements.

If the thought of dentures doesn’t exactly excite you, note that dentures have tremendously advanced over the last 10 years.  Dr. Seth and Morgan Chambers understand the difficulty in accepting tooth loss by focusing on the power of possible restorations. We will design a tooth replacement plan that works with you and will listen to your concerns along the way.

Many options also exist for patients who have dentures but just aren't happy with the retention or function of the appliance.  Dental implants can be used to retain a denture in many forms, from just a couple implants to aid in retention to multiple implants which make the appliance fixed and no longer removable.

Our dentures are based on your unique facial characteristics to give you the most realistic and natural set of teeth possible.  Call us today to schedule a consult and create the smile you’ve always desired.